“Calcified Turds” – Joan Littlewood rattled the establishment alright.
“Bathing Belle!” (You don’t get many of me to the pound)
“Miss Littlewood at The RSC” Paul Bird and his partner Trish meet the talented cast of the wonderful Sam Kenyon production ‘Miss Littlewood’. Two Geordies lurk behind.
“A Midsummer Nights Ham in Training” – old school fairy research!
“A Unique Experiment” – screening late 2018

No Time For MemoirsThe feature length documentary ‘No Time For Memoirs’, released August 2018.

Joan POSTER.jpgThe feature length documentary ‘In the Company of Joan’, released May 2016.

The Missing Sister copy 3With the magnificent Lori Mclean on a project four years in the planning. Coming 2019!

LabelsSome labels used about women are raised in the song ‘Shove Yer Labels’!  from ‘The Missing Sister’ (2019)


Ormesby OriginalIn 1946, Gerry Raffles, Rosalie Williams, Joan Littlewood, Lady Ruth Pennyman, Howard Goorney & Col. Jim Pennyman posed for a photograph at the front of Ormesby Hall…

Ormesby Retake!Sixty years later, myself and Ruth Urquhart agreed to recreate the pose with the National Trust staff and volunteers. It takes all sorts!  


IMG_1818.jpgJoan attempts flight?




FFA FFA .jpgWords wot I like.